domingo, septiembre 02, 2012

a really short irish story ..

today i'll try something different... why?? because i have to, because my heart is still trying to understand someone different from me, someone in another part of my weird but amazing world. Today i'll try to understand why is this silence between my world and her world..., silence which is really difficult to have when u have a song on your mind.... a song that u found it because of her... a song that reminds u that she's there outside. It hurts to know that somebody maybe let u down without knowing it...., and it's hard to call for help... when she's the only one who can help u..., i guess that i'm just going to step out of her way... and just let her be free and happy... i understand that i'm not a choice for her... i was just a story...a good and nice story i hope... and one day she might forgive in some way this fool...,(a fool that one day could've been her lover...but not anymore..). that's going to be my hope... always... 

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